About us

Since 1996, the College Recruiter job search site team has been helping millions of students and recent graduates a year find great new part-time, seasonal, internship, apprenticeship, and other early career employment opportunities that require 0-5 years of experience. 

In 2016, some of our largest employer customers who were hiring multiple candidates into they roles they were advertising with us asked if we could deliver to them several times the number of candidates so that they could hire several times the number of people. When a customer asks for help in spending more money with them, you tend to figure out a way to make that happen. And we did. We created JobsThatScale, a cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-application (CPA) product designed to deliver five, 10, 100, or even more times the number of well-qualified candidates to our employer customers. That product drove exponential growth in our business. Instead of helping a million candidates a year, by 2022 we were helping 13 million a year.

Within a few years, some of our largest employer customers told us how happy they were with the quantity and quality of candidates we were delivering to them in the United States where we are based, but asked if we could help them in Canada. We rolled up our sleeves and made that happen by modifying our database and search so that employers could specify cities and provinces/territories in Canada instead of just those in the United States.

In 2022, we were asked if we could also help them in the United Kingdom, European Union, and Australia. Naturally, we obliged. By early-2023, a third of our business was coming from job ads for roles located outside of the United States.

By mid-2023, the request was a little different. This time, instead of employers wanting to reach the same kind of early career candidates but in different markets, they wanted to reach candidates with all different years of experience in all geographic areas. We debated whether to expand the mission of College Recruiter and decided that the better approach was to bring our know-how to a second site that would be more general than College Recruiter. And so Career Recruiter was born.

We like to say that, at College Recruiter, we believe that every student and recent graduate deserves a great career. Now, through Career Connector, we are able to say that we believe that everyone, everywhere can have a great career.